All planters are contemporary range of garden pots. They can be used for indoor, outdoor, commercial or domestic décor. Our planters are perfect as a statement piece for planting live plants or floral arrangement.
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All the planters are individually hand poured and created with equal amount of love and care. If you have a zeal for something different and stylish, our planters are the perfect pieces. All planters are made of concrete; a reliable insulator that will protect the roots even during times of large temperature change.


A standout amongst the most valuable classification of everyday life, whether in office or at home. These are on the whole extremely special item made out of one of the most substantial and fundamental material – ‘concrete’.
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A look at this creation at your workplace would motivate you in pushing your limits creating a promising world around yourself.


Candles are one of the most aesthetic products of urban lifestyle. No décor is in harmony without the use of lights and candles. They have it in them to enhance the ambience and add instant impact to any space when used in multiples.
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Our preferred choice is always beautiful, intricate, refined, and somewhat hot! That is why all the jars and candles we provide are gently hand poured with love, care and varied aromas.

Platters and combos

Our platters are a harmonious combination of different products to make it a complete ensemble that can be used for gifting or decorating any corner of your home.
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With our platters, we aim to offer the user the choice to create their own box of love by mixing and matching any of our products offered.


Concrete is a wonderful, hard, neutral, unprecious material with a real presence. And it can be successfully adapted into jewellery. While some people prefer feminine and flirty jewellery pieces, others might look for a more sturdy and practical option, and these concrete jewellery pieces are certainly the type of accessories that won't easily break or damage.
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Wearing a statement jewellery piece is much in vogue. Eliteearth’s conceptual jewellery is for people like you who enjoy uniqueness and free-spiritedness. Flaunt your elite taste with our creatively useful jewellery designs.

Steal deals

Feel guilty about going overboard with your shopping budget? Now no more guilt pangs as our Steal Deal zone lets you shop an exclusive range at a price suitable to your pockets and allow us to extend our product to
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all customers out there to enjoy our elite range of products at an unmatchable prices.


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